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Fall 2015 Schedule 


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Registration IS required for Bliss Barre classes due to bar space availibility.



5:15-6:15pm           Bliss Barre - Leslie - All levels

6:30-7:45pm           Breath & Flow - Leslie - All levels

4:00-9:00pm           Muay Thai - Tony -  All level




8:15-9:30am               Spinal Renewal Yoga - Leslie - Beginner

9:45-11:00am             Yoga Tone - Leslie - Intermediate

11:15-12:00pm           Bliss Barre - Leslie - All levels

4:00-9:00pm               Muay Thai - Tony - All levels




5:00-6:15pm               Bliss Barre - Leslie - All levels

6:30-7:45pm               Spine Renewal Yoga - Leslie - Beginner

8:00-9:00pm               Muay Thai - Tony - All levels




8:15-9:30am                Spinal Renewal - Leslie - Beginner

9:45-11:00am              Yoga Tone - Leslie - Intermediate

11:15-12:00pm            Bliss Barre - Leslie - All levels

4:00-9:00pm                Muay Thai - Tony - All levels




4:15-5:15pm               Kid's Muay Thai - Tony - Little MMAs

5:15-9:00pm               Muay Thai - Tony - All levels **(2nd Fridays Studio II)

2nd Fridays only

6:00-8:00pm               Children's PJ Yoga - Disha - Little Yogis  



9:15-11:00am           Muay Thai - Tony -  All levels

1:00-9:00pm             Monthly Events & Workshops 

                           Available time to schedule your private;

      Yoga class, training session, birthday party, bachelorette party, couples yoga,

       ladies fun night (BYOB) yoga/wine tasting.

       (Hourly rates apply. please see pricing)   


       Short Class Description


Leslie - Yoga, Meditation, Little Yogis & Bliss Barre

Tony - Muay Thai Mixed Martial Arts

Christine - Circuit Training & Nutritional Counceling

Disha - Children's Yoga

*Please see our 'Select Your Class' section for a detailed description of each class.