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Fall-Winter 2014 Schedule 



 All Groupon promotions include classes with Leslie only. 

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9:15-10:15am           The Burn Method - Christine - All levels

11:00-5:30pm           Schedule your private class (60,75,90min)

6:00-7:15pm             Hatha Flow - Heidi - All levels

7:30-8:30pm             Muay Thai - Tony - Kickboxing All levels




9:15-9:45am               Meditation & Breath Practice - Leslie

10:00-11:15am           Yoga Tone - Leslie - Intermediate

11:30-1:00pm             Spine Renewal Yoga - Leslie - Beginner

4:15-5:15pm               Muay Thai - Tony - Kickboxing All levels

5:15-6:15pm               Muay Thai - Tony - Kickboxing All levels

7:00-8:00pm               The Burn Method- Christine - All levels




9:15-10:15am           The Burn Method - Christine - All levels

12:15-1:15pm           Private Session - Kristina

1:30-2:30pm             Private Session - Kristina

2:45-3:45pm             Pilates - Kristina - All levels

4:45-5:15pm             Meditation & Breath Practice - Leslie

5:30-6:30pm             Yoga Tone - Leslie - All levels

6:45-8:15pm             Spine Renewal Yoga - Leslie - Beginner




9:15-9:45am                Meditation & Breath Practice - Leslie

10:00-11:15am            Yoga Tone - Leslie - Intermediate

11:30-1:00pm              Spine Renewal - Leslie - Beginner

5:45-6:45pm                Muay Thai - Tony - Mixed Martial Arts

7:00-8:00pm                The Burn Method - Christine - All levels




9:00-10:00am              The Burn Method - Christine - All levels

10:30-5:30pm              Schedule your private class (60,75,90min.)

4:30-5:30pm                Go with the Flow Vinyasa - Melanie - All levels

6:00-8:00pm                PJ Yoga - Disha - Childrens  (2nd Fridays each mo.)



9:15-10:15am           Muay Thai - Tony - Kickboxing All levels

1:00-8:00pm            Schedule Your Yoga Party! - Children or Adults

6:15-8:00pm             Partner/Couples Yoga - Leslie - (2nd Saturday each mo.)

                                 *Registration required due to limited space*                 




9:00-10:00am           The Burn Method - Christine - All levels

10:30-11:30am         Loving Kindness Yoga - Melanie - All levels